Fondant, Icing & Pastes


We all know that one of the hardest and most time consuming part of cake decorating is learning the techniques that will bring about consistent and amazing results every time.
When working with icing and pastes it makes your job easier and the end product more reliable if you know that the consistency and workability of your pastes and icings are going to be the same each and every time you make a batch.


Buying online with Lollipop Cake Supplies ensures that every batch of icing, paste or fondant you use will be high quality, of even consistency and at a great price.



We have an extensive range of ready-to-roll fondants that come in a range of different colours and sizes. We have 1kg tubs and 7kg tubs of bulk fondant available. We also have Bakels fondants in a range of different colours from white, red, black, purple, orange, pink, yellow, blue, chocolate and ivory.



We have a wonderful range of rich and tasty icing that produce consistent results every time. Choose from our range of CK, Squires and Cake Art icings.



If you’re looking for piping gels and gum pastes online, take a look at our range. We stock Americolor and Satin Ice brands along with other items that help you add to your decorating collection.