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Gelatin & Corn Syrup

Corn Syrup is a fabulous product which has several uses in cake decorating. Karo can be used to make modelling chocolate or as a substitute to Isomalt when creating sugar ice.


Modelling chocolate which is also known as Chocolate Plastique has the advantage of being more delicious that fondant or gum paste. It keeps the same flavour as sweet gooey chocolate! Anything you can do with fondant you can do with modelling chocolate. It is the cake decorators play doh.


Edible Leaf Gelatin Sheets in Titanium Grade sets much clearer and smoother compared to powdered Gelatin. Gelatin Sheets are perfect when you need to make clear windows, either for a cake or even a gingerbread house. They are also perfect when you need to make a clear / transparent 3D object.