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Piping Tips

No matter the cake you’re making or the design you’re creating we have an icing bag tip (sometimes called an icing bag nozzle). We have standard round tips, basketweave tips, petal tips, open star tips and many more variations.



Great for making smooth and ribbed stripes in a uniformed fashion for your cakes and cupcakes.



No fairy decorations or flower set looks complete without leaves. A great range of leaf tips for cakes available.



Flowers add elegance and style to all manner of cakes. Possibly the most popular range on our site our flower tips for cakes are hot sellers!



A great option if you have a large surface area to cover. If you make large cakes then our multi opening tips for cake decorating are for you. You will be piping grass and hair in no time!



Great for making swirls and stars our star piping tips will add that extra touch of special to your cake decorating efforts.



Almost a requirement if you’re making flowers and leaves our petal tips for icing bags are a must in every cake decorator’s toolset.



A trusty favourite in most cake decorator’s arsenal of tools, the round tips have almost endless possibilities.



Great for fluted and shell borders, we have the right ruffle tip for piping bags for you!



Need a little bit of diversity in your piping bag tip range? Take a look at our different shapes on offer.