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We stock all types of chocolate here at Lollipop Cake Supplies. Candy Melts or Choco Drops are fantastic for cake drips and coating cake pops. We also stock a wide range of Chocolate Drip which can be used for drip cakes, making small chocolates in moulds or covering polystyrene balls for balloon cakes. We have a wide range of compound chocolate, from Vizyon, Cadbury and Nestle, which are great for baking and making ganache. We also stock high quality couverture Belgian chocolate from both Callebaut and Veliche. 


If you are wanting to create shiny, snappy tempered chocolate decorations be sure to use coverture Callebaut or Veliche chocolate. Our Cadbury, Nestle, Sprinks and Vizyon compound chocolate, while delicious, isn't the type of chocolate that can be tempered. For other chocolate work like drips, baking, and ganache both types of chocolate will work well.


And we've got the vegans covered too, with delicious dairy free milk and white chocolate from Callebaut and Veliche. They work just like their non vegan counterparts!