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Lollipop Cake Supplies is a family-owned online & retail store specialising in cake decorating supplies for home bakers, hobbyists and professionals. We're based in Eatons Hill on the northside of Brisbane and our aim is to provide the best possible customer service that is often lacking today in a variety of retail stores.


We pride ourselves on our high level of personalised service within our retail store as well as our online store. We are available to assist you with your purchases or bounce ideas around and help you get your next cake project off the ground. Being a small family-owned business, the most important person is YOU. 


Our goal is to provide competitive pricing and to maintain reasonable stock levels so products are available when you need them. If you think something is missing, please feel free to send us an email and let us know what products you are after and would like to see in our store. We are always researching and looking for new and exciting products that we know our customers will love.


So take a look around Lollipop Cake Supplies and enjoy the journey of browsing our store. We hope we have what you need for all cake decorating needs! Thank you for taking the time to read about our business and we look forward to being of service to you and helping with your cake projects. 


Steven and Rebecca Dillon






Rebecca has always had a love for baking and fell into cake decorating the same way as many of us do, when making birthday cakes for her children. She’s been our fearless leader since the very first day of Lollipop Cake Supplies and together with her husband Steve has grown the business to the huge range of cake products we stock today.



"Baking care of Business"


Steven says he was dragged kicking and screaming into the world of cakes by his wife Beck, but we think he’s secretly loved being surrounded by cake 24/7 for the last decade or so. Even if he says he's not a caker he sure seems to know everything there is about cake. He is also a buttercream expert.. buttercream tasting expert that is. 


Steve is the happiest when he is on his motorbike! 


Office Manager

"You can't buy happiness, but you can buy cake supplies and that's kind of the same thing"


Our resident Office Manager/Superstar Karin has always loved baking but it wasn’t until 2012 that she watched Ace of Cakes and was inspired to take a cake course. Karin has been with Lollipops since 2015 and is one of the very first (technically second) staff members of Lollipop Cake Supplies! Karin is very good at spending the boss' money. 


Karin is the happiest when she gets handed a cup of tea while still in bed on a Sunday morning. 


Store Manager

"Good things come to those who cake"


Heather started with Lollipop Cake Supplies in July 2014 coming to us with many years of cake decorating and class training experience. With vast knowledge & experience using a large variety of products Heather can help you choose the right product for your project to ensure a cake success every time.


Marketing Co-ordinator

"Keep your friends close and your snacks closer"


Rachael joined the team in 2020 and LOVES the fact that she can work in activewear and play on Instagram all day! Her favourite Lollipops moment so far is definitely creating and constructing (with some help from the team) the 10+ metres of streamer wall for the 2023 ACADA International Cake Show! 


Rachael is the happiest when she is eating Pizza and drinking wine. 


Visual Content Creator

"All I need is Photoshop... and cookies"


Koki joined the Lollipops team in 2021 as our Graphic Designer but has morphed into our resident Videographer, Photographer, Laser Cutter and Custom Topper Designer and C.O.S. (chief of sarcasm). Since working in our wonderful world of baking, Koki has tried his hand at caking and decorating (don't ask him about his macarons though, they're a touchy subject). 


Koki is the happiest when he is doing a Scarlet Witch marathon on Disney Plus.


Edible Image Extraordinaire

"Don't make me run, I'm full of cake!"


Courtney fell in love with cake and couldn’t have possibly thought of a better place to work than Lollipops, so she decided to become part of the team in 2021. She quickly fell in love with creating and printing edible images and became the resident Edible Image Extraordinaire! You will find her creating and printing on the daily with her trusty printer named Norbit! Her proudest edible image moment so far is printing over 76,000 cupcake toppers (no, that is not a typo) for the charity Hummingbird House within a WEEK!


Courtney is the happiest when she is spending quality time with her partner Ben and mini dachshund Alfie.


Receipt and Dispatch Team Leader

"I'm into fitness.. fit'ness whole donut in my mouth"


Kev has been our Warehouse extraordinaire since 2020 and is the best warehouse organiser-er we have ever met! He is an absolute weapon on the walk-lift and you best believe there isn't a box he couldn't pack. 


Kev is happiest when he is touching footballs. 


Retail & Dispatch

"A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand"


You could see Libby pop up anywhere in the Lollipops world. She loves helping people in the shop, organising at the warehouse, teaching in the classroom or running like a crazy person at the trade shows. Libby specialises in cookies - creating and eating them! 
Libby is happiest when she is making memories with her husband and 2 daughters.



"Everything in moderation (except for chocolate)"


Nina loves painting, crafting, fast cars, walking mountains, eating chocolate, making chocolates, making other stuff with chocolate, buying chocolates and one day hopefully achieving her goal of visiting all of Australias chocolatiers.


Nina is happiest when she is creating a new piece of artwork.


Retail & Dispatch

"A party without cake is just a boring meeting"


Krystal started baking in 2018 and fell in love with decorating cookies and cakes instantly. Her favourite part about cake making is seeing a kids reaction! Because they are the most honest critic you can get 😂


Krystal is the happiest when she is with her family drinking coffee by the beach.



Pauline is addicted to sourdough baking.
If she's not eating food,  she's thinking about food. 
She is invincible with a hot glue gun.
She is the happiest when she is sitting around the campfire with her family.



"Good cake decorating needs equal parts precision, equal parts chaos!"


Thomas has watched every baking show there is to watch (pretty much). He LOVES food science!! Tempering, ratios, methods, densities, chemical reactions - HE LOVES IT ALL!

His favourite chefs/food celebrities are Claire Saffitz, Ann Reardon, Amaury Guichon and Joshua Weismann.


Thomas is the happiest when he gets to see the advice he give in the shop help people achieve their baking dreams!