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We stock a large range of products for your next cupcake baking session. Affectionately known to Australians as patty cakes we have plenty of items to make them! Baking cups, cupcake boxes, acrylic cupcake stands and more!



Baking cups, cupcake wrappers, foil cupcake cups, patty pans for cupcakes whatever you like to call them, then you will most likely find it here. Mini, regular & large cupcake wrappers & baking cups in a variety of colours for all occasions from weddings to birthdays, halloween to christmas, valentines to anniversaries, whatever the occasion you will find the right cupcake baking cup in here.



Cupcake boxes are a nightmare! We have categories our cupcake boxes to help you decide on the correct cupcake box for the baking cups you have at home. All of the baking cups we sell can be used in our cupcake boxes. Simply follow the sizing chart available in the cupcake box category and you will be baking cupcakes in no time!