By Caitlin Mitchell Moulding Fat - 50g Pot

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By Caitlin Mitchell Moulding Fat is designed to be used with By Caitlin Mitchell Gum Paste. This moulding fat is not your standard shortening! It has been specially formulated and processed to melt quicker in your hands, be less greasy, and not clump. To use, smear a little fat in your fingers before working with gum paste to prevent it sticking to your hands, this is especially useful for those with warm hands!


Rub a small amount of moulding fat all over cakes covered in dark fondant to make the colour hold better and pop a little more. It will dry within a day or two and not be stick or greasy. It is also very useful for reducing elephant skin. 


If using a pasta machine, rub a little fat on the rollers before putting paste through. Also rub a little fat on the gum paste as you are putting it through the pasta machine to keep it smooth.


For stencilling, rub a little fat onto your gum paste or fondant, position your stencil on paste, and dust your lustre with a large brush. The moulding fat will highlight the lustre and it will not come off.



50g pot