Cake Dummies


Cake dummies can be used for a variety of different purposes from decorating practice to using them for entering competitions or making displays for windows etc. Our range of circular and square cake dummies of varying sizes give you some great options.



A circular cake dummy is a great way to try out different materials or decorating ideas on a circular cake without having to go to the time and expense of creating, mixing and baking a cake, then wasting it as it’s not going to be eaten (or worse yet – eating it all yourself... am I right ladies?)



Icing square cakes is an artform that can take many long hours of practice. Save time and money by practicing your icing on a foam square cake dummy.


Square cake dummies can also be used to give cakes additional height to really make them stand out on the table.
With a great range of square cake dummies ranging from 5 inches to 10 inches we have the right foam polystyrene cake dummies to suit your needs.