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Colour Mill

Colour Mill is designed for Chocolate, Swiss Meringue, Ganache, Buttercream, Cake Batter and more. Unlike conventional gel colouring they are able to dye the fats and oils in your baking, giving you a much more vibrant result.


The Colour Mill formula is oil based, which allows the colour to evenly colour sugar, eggs, and fat - including butter! Which means it will perfectly colour your buttercream, chocolate, cake batter, ganache, fondant, and more!


Colour Mill White will colour both the sugar and butter or fats in baking but won't go grainy like titanium dioxide, and since you can use less colouring than traditional colours any added taste is far more minimised. Gel colouring can not colour fats and oils which means you need to use more colour, or too much whitener - not with Colour Mill!


If you have your heart set on using a particular gel colour, but struggle to get a vibrant colour when mixing it with your buttercream and baking, using Colour Mill Booster will help it emulsify and bind with the oils, creating a deeper colour and stretching your gel colour further. You can also use it to colour chocolate by mixing three parts Booster to one part gel colour. Note: If you are using Colour Mill colours to dye, you do  not need Booster. This product is designed to improve less effective products.