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Bakels products are renowned for their quality. They say their purpose is to supply "Ingredients for Inspiration" and here at Lollipop Cake Supplies we also hope to inspire the next generation of cake decorators by providing the best range of online cake decorating products we can find.


So if you’ve ever wondered where to buy Bakels products in Brisbane or even around Australia you can buy Bakels products online through Lollipop Cake Supplies.



If you’ve used fondant before you will know that it provides a superior working material and flexibility, can be easily shaped and coloured and creates a wonderfully smooth finish that you just can’t get when using buttercream or royal icing.


Many cake decorators worry about the taste of fondant when compared to other covering options like marshmallow, royal icing, marzipan or buttercream but Bakels fondant mixes are easy to work with and also taste great!



Everyone loves a rich and delicious cake that’s soft and firm at the same time, sweet with an ever-so-slight hint of salty and bitter, light, moist and tasty. These are the types of cakes that everyone wants a second slice of – Bakels cake mixes will make sure your cakes are delicious and moreish and not a crumb is left on the plate.


We stock the following range of Bakels cake mixes online:-



Everyone who’s tried a Bakels Macaron will know it’s hard to resist these little packages of delight! A light, crisp outer shell with a moist and slightly chewy inside, filled with a superbly made ganache – it’s almost like nirvana in a biscuit.


Make wonderful Macarons every time with our Bakels Macaron Mix.

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