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Confeta is a well known Australian Company that is known internationally for their high quality baking cups, also known in Australia as Patty Pans or Cupcake Cases. At Lollipop Cake Supplies we are proud to be able to support a local Australian business providing quality baking equipment and materials to the public at affordable prices!



A little known fact about Confeta baking cups is that they are made right here in Australia. Also known affectionately in Australia as "patty pans", Confeta baking cups resist peeling away from your cake and there is a size that will suit the patty pan baking tray that you have in the cupboard.


All Confeta baking cups are measured with a unique number system. Click here to see the list that matches the numbering system to the base width x the cup height. 



Confeta white milkboard cake boxes are the preferred option for all professional bakers and cake decorators in Australia. Their boxes use only the highest quality milkboard. The milkboard is specially coated to ensure that the cardboard is food safe, fridge and freezer safe and easy to wipe clean if necessary.


Confeta cake boxes are available individually or in bulk packs at Lollipop Cake Supplies.