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Gift Vouchers

A gift voucher from Lollipop Cake Supplies is the ideal gift for someone who is hard to buy for. We offer gift vouchers from $20 up to $200. Our gift vouchers are available for use online and in store.


If the value you require is not available, purchase multiple gift vouchers to add up to your required value. The website will email you the vouchers on completion of payment at checkout. Please check your SPAM folder if you do not receive it in your inbox. 



  1. Gift Vouchers are valid 36 months from the date of purchase.
  2. Afterpay cannot be used to purchase gift vouchers.
  3. Gift vouchers purchased online are delivered electronically to your registered email address upon successful payment at checkout. 
  4. Treat your gift voucher like cash. The unique code can be used by anyone. If you lose the gift voucher, notify Lollipop Cake Supplies immediately. If it has not been used, a new unique code will be supplied once your identity has been confirmed. Lollipop Cake Supplies cannot be held accountable for lost or stolen gift vouchers that are redeemed.
  5. Gift vouchers cannot be added together, however multiple gift vouchers can be used on one purchase online or in store. 
  6. Gift vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash.
  7. Gift Vouchers can only be used multiple times up to the full value of the gift voucher within the valid date of the voucher. Once the full value of the gift voucher is used it will expire.