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At Lollipop Cake Supplies, we have teamed up with a local egg supplier to deliver fresh, guaranteed free range eggs fortnightly! When delivered, these eggs are not even a day old. Each egg is stamped with the laid date, so you can check them yourself! Grown locally on the sunshine coast, the chickens are true free range eggs, not caged eggs. The flavour and quality difference is amazing. The current standard within the chicken industry and the RSPCA is 1500 birds per hectare to be determined free range. Our eggs come from a farm with 9 birds per hectare. Some larger producers can up operate 20000 birds per hectare!


Did you know that the number printed on the side of your eggs is the day they were laid? To work this out, we will use the day 226 (14 August) as an example. Simply google "day 226" to find that this egg pictured was laid on the 14th of August! You would be amazed at how old some of the eggs are at your local supermarket.


You can buy them for pickup in store only. No delivery is available for the eggs.