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Cutting Tools, Knives & Levellers


If you need to cut it, we have the tool for you! We stock everything you could possibly need to cut, slice or slither- from knives, styrofoam cutters, pliers, scissors, cutting mats and the brand new, very sought after straight edge cutters by Cuttercraft, which allow you to slice fondant and cookie batter easily and cleanly. 



Texture knives, spatula knives, craft knives - you name it, we have it. Whether you are looking to slice even pieces of fondant or dough with and expandable dough cutter (perfect for tarts), or searching for the perfect lame for all of your bread making experiments, you can find it here in our Knives category!



The days of using a knife to level your cakes are over - invest in a good quality, time saving cake leveller and ensure that your cakes are cut level and equally every time! We stock a number of brands from the popular Loyal Levellers, to the be-all-and-end-all of levellers - Agbay.