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Sweet Stamp

Sweet Stamp by Amy Cakes is an innovative stamping and embossing system for cake decorating. Using the Sweet Stamp characters combined with the appropriate sticky pad, you can lightly emboss phrases, names, numbers and more into the side of your fondant covered, buttercream coated or ganached cakes with ease. Coupled with edible paints, the embossed area can be painted to provide contrasting colour on your sweet treats.


Do you prefer to bake cupcakes and cookies? Well you haven't been left out. The Sweet Stamp range comes with several sets of letters, numbers and symbols that are ideal for those sweet treats! Available for cupcakes and cookies is the appropriately sized cookie and cupcake sticky pad.


Watch the video below on how easy it is to use the Sweet Stamp Embossing Tool.



All of the Sweet Stamp embossers and tools are made in Ireland and are now available at Lollipop Cake Supplies for shipping throughout Australia and the world.