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Layers, Tiers and Serving Guides, Oh My!
Posted on 8 Feb 2024
Language matters! Know your tiers from your layers ;-)
Bake At Home Kit - Christmas Cookies
Posted on 26 Oct 2023
Let us guide you through making these adorable Christmas themed cookies treats!
How to Beat Cake Condensation
Posted on 3 Aug 2023
Let us guide you on what you can do when the dreaded cake sweat happens!
What's The Difference Between Rice Paper And Wafer Paper?
Posted on 12 Jul 2023
Your go-to guide on the types of edible paper available and what to do with them.
Food Colouring 101
Posted on 28 Jun 2023
Gel colours vs oil colours vs powders - What do I choose?
What To Do With Left Over Cake Scraps
Posted on 2 Jun 2023
Create something delicious with your cake scraps, we'll tell you how!
Macaron Troubleshooting
Posted on 26 May 2023
Save yourself from macaron madness! We'll get you to be a macaron master in no time!
An Introduction to Macarons
Posted on 26 May 2023
An in depth guide to the notoriously tricky but delicious little cookie: the macaron.