With our range of decorations and toppers, your cakes will always come out looking professional and most of all tasty! From fairies and butterflies with diamantes, bride and groom cake toppers, sugar roses, sugar flowers and rose leaves we have all the cake decoration supplies you need to make your next cake memorable.



Whether you are looking for a traditional look or a little bit of bling, our edible cachous are quality cachous from Europe. The ivory cachous look great when used with the diamond side design patchwork cutter. The silver cachous are shiny and bright and are available in both 4mm and 6mm. We also stock gold cachous in 4mm or 6mm.



Our cake and cupcake toppers are a great way to make your cake go from great to absolutely fantastic! Lollipop Cake Supplies has a wide range of cake toppers, wedding cake toppers and first communion toppers to choose from. If you’re making a cake or are looking for cake toppers for your friend’s wedding (or maybe even your own!), then take a look at our great range of non-edible wedding cake toppers.



Whether you are turning 1 or 60, you can never have enough candles for your cake! Our bullet candles are simple and come in a range of colours. From white to blue, silver and gold, we have a colour to suit your theme!



We have a large range of bling for your cake or cupcake! Whether you are after some diamante bling wrap or self adhesive bling we have the lot. We have numbers for all ages and the whole alphabet! From hearts to ribbon buckles that wrap around a cake! These elegant cake pins are perfect!



Gold Leaf and Silver leaf are available in both transfer sheets or loose leaf. Loose leaf sheets can be removed from the booklet easily for use. The silver and gold leaf transfer sheets are adhered to a backing sheet. The leaf is then pressed against the object and the backing sheet is removed.


Dont forget to wear cotton gloves when applying silver and gold leaf as the oil residue on your fingers will cause the sheet to tarnish.



Ribbons are perfect to tie around the base of your drum board. Whether you are using 4mm or 9mm drum boards, it will finish off your cake. Ribbons are also useful to hide the base of the cake where it sits on the cake board. We have satin ribbons in both 10mm and 25mm in a range of beautiful colours.



Everyone knows the best bits of the cake are the parts with the pretty decorations right? Make your cake memorable and edible with our great range of flowers, roses and leaves – these cake toppers are sure to please. We also have sugar decorations for many occasions. From Happy birthday or a baby shower they are sure to suit! Order online today and save!