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Fondtastic is a brand of Fondants and Gum Pastes that originates from Canada. Fondtastic makes premium products which are easy to use and work perfectly every time.



Fondtastic Premium Fondant is a fantastic fondant that produces a silky smooth finish ideal for designer cakes, cupcakes & modelling. Fondtastic fondant can be rolled thin whilst maintaining its elasticity and strength making covering cakes a breeze! Fondtastic Fondant is soft and will not dry out and crack. Fondtastic fondant is available in 1lb (908g) pots and convenient 8oz (225g) pots.



Fondtastic Gum Paste is an excellent choice of gum paste as it has the workability and behaivour like Satin ice however it has greater elasticity and dries harder than Satin Ice. It blends well with fondant or modelling chocolate when you need that extra bit of flexibility once it dries. Fondtastic Gum Paste can be rolled paper thin and is ideal for fine modelling. It tastes great which is something that sets it apart from other modelling pastes in the market. Fondtastic Gum Paste is available in small 225g pots as well as a 908g pot.