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If you’ve baked, decorated or eaten a cake lately (and if you haven’t, why not!) there’s a good chance it was made using a Loyal product. A heavy hitter in the cake decorating scene, Loyal is the little Brisbane cake decorating supplies company that could and we stock a huge range of their products.


Loyal Bakeware is a range we stock to help aspiring cake artists make the perfect square cake. Non-stick and long lasting, this is the cake tin you will pass on to your kids!


Loyal Cake Boards come in a range of shapes and sizes. If there’s a cake you can bake there’s a good chance our Loyal range of square and round cake boards will fit it.


Loyal Cutter Sets give you a huge range to choose from. Numbers, letters, stars, hearts, flowers and squares. There’s a whole world of cookies and fondant decorations you can create with these cutters.


Loyal Decorating Tools should never be far away when you’re making cakes. With spatulas, scrapers, levelers and more you will never be short of tools with a few of these in your cake decorating toolkit.


Loyal Piping Bags are strong, reliable, and come in a range of sizes and quantities! You can’t go wrong with Loyal Piping Bags and Loyal Piping Tips.


LOYAL Flower Making Equipment: Bring out your sugar artist skills and create life-like botanical flowers and foliage from gum paste, sugar paste, marzipan, or fondant with The Loyal Flower Veiner and Cutter System.