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Agbay Products

Agbay Products is a wholly owned American business manufacturing quality Cake Decorating Levellers completely manufactured and built in the United States. The first Agbay Cake Leveller was introduced to the cake world in 1999, designed with the cake decorator in mind.


Agbay Cake Levellers are a professional grade tool used to level and tort cakes with ease. With the right Agbay, you can cut and split cakes up to 20" wide x 6" high with ease. It is often said that using an Agbay on a cake is like running a hot knife through butter. Agbay levellers are that precise that you can trim a cake with ease as thin as 1/8th of an inch, thats 3mm thick! Try doing that with a cheap leveller!


Agbay Levellers are the original Cake Leveller. There are cheaper copies in Australian Stores that are made in China. Do not be fooled! If it is not branded Agbay, stay away!


Whatever your cake levelling and torting needs, there is an Agbay to suit you. Investing in an Agbay will save you time and frustration and last you for years to come. You won’t be disappointed with your purchase.