One might ask, why is a cake decorating store selling jewellery? At Lollipop Cake Supplies, we love all things food related. Let's face it, you must agree that these earrings, necklaces and hair clips are a necessary accessory for any cake decorator! 



Show off your love of all things cakes, doughnuts and more with these fun and quirky buttons and badges.



We stock a large range of Jewellery from Sparkle*Liscious. All Sparkleliscious Earring posts are made from surgical steel coated in a silver plate coating to ensure that those cakers with sensitive ears can still wear these awesome foodie earrings. We have donut earrings, or if you are being pedantic, doughnut earings. We also have cupcakes, chocolate, macarons, cakes, cherries and more!



Our range of food related hair clips is still small however we are always looking at extending our range! Grab a set of four cake themed hair clips in the set and save!



Don't have your ears pierced? Grab a doughnut pendant necklace so you don't miss out!