Sprinkles, Pearls & Cachous


Our Hopper Natural Sprinkles enable professional and amateur cake decorators to decorate their cakes with sprinkles that use all natural ingredients and have bright vibrant colours.



We stock Hopper natural sugar pearls. Hopper sugar pearls come in a range of colours and types. Hopper natural sugar pearls look great and best of all they are great for allergy aware people! We also stock traditional style of pearl, also known as cachous. We stock Gold, Silver and Ivory in both 4mm and 6mm varieties. These are high quality cachous imported from Germany and Italy.


NON PAREILS & 100's & 1000's

Our range of Hopper natural hundreds and thousands are sure to satisfy your need for all the colours of the rainbow. From blue to rainbow, white or even festive green, red and white we have a colour for you. Best of all they are gluten, dairy, nut free, natural colours and preservative free!


We sell multi coloured 100's and 1000's, also known as Non Pareils by the 500g bag. Great when making hundreds and thousands cakes!



Hopper Natural Sprinkles are an old favourite. Fantastic on ice cream or on kids cupcakes they will add the colour you need. They are great on fairy bread when you want something different from 100's and 1000's. Hokey Pokey honeycomb pieces are great in vanilla ice cream when your craving Hokey Pokey ice cream!



Get your pre blended sprinkle mixes right here. We have blue ombre, pink ombre and even a mix that is perfect for wedding cakes and cupcakes! Whether it is for a birthday or simply just a little bit of bling for someone special, we have a bespoke sprinkle mix for you!