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FPC Sugarcraft

Silicone Sugarcraft Moulds - Designed and Produced in the United Kingdom


FPC Sugarcraft has been the brand to turn to for high quality silicone moulds since 2005. Designed and hand-produced in the UK, these silicone moulds are not mass produced like other moulds but rather high quality tools you can rely on time and time again. FPC Sugarcraft is a family owned and operated business from Bristol, UK. All FPC moulds are designed and manufactured in the UK.


We all know how important creative intellectual property is for us cakers so don’t fall for a cheap counterfeit mould that will crack, flake, and not be food-safe. FPC silicone moulds are the real deal, made using only the highest quality silicone, they will not split or tear and will produce a crisp, detailed impression. You will also find that these moulds release your decorations much easier than cheaper brands.


These moulds can also be used for other craft projects using materials such as resin, polymer clay, wax, and even soap.