Sweet Stamp - Stylish Font - Peach Set

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Create stylish messages, names and phrases on your cakes with the Stylish Stamp Set from Sweet Stamp by Amy Cakes. This set is easy to use on cakes using the innovative sticky pad, or individually on their own. Simply emboss the letters into your fondant and paint using edible paints. 


The stylish stamp set from Sweet Stamp creates stylish front when finished with edible art paints. It will look like you have hand wrote the message yourself. Each letter connects seamlessly into the next letter.


To use the Sweet Stamp Embossing Sets, they work in conjunction with the sticky pad. Whilst the sticky pad is optional, it makes the placement of your letters, it ensures that the finished product is flawless. To use, simply place your letters onto the sticky pad so they are backwards when looking at the pad. For more information on how to use the pad, please refer to the sticky pad page.



Upper & Lower Case Set - Includes 26 uppercase & 26 lower case letters

Number & Symbols Set - Includes 0 to 9, @, #, &, !, ?, st, nd, rd & th



Uppercase - Average size 3cm to 4cm high

Lowercase - Average size is 2cm to 3cm high

Numbers - Average size is 3cm to 3.5cm high



Use with the standard or cookie tacky pad, sold separately.



Fill in your impressions using the Sweet Stamp Brush Duo Set, sold separately. The set includes two professional brushes, in sizes #000 and #1.