Sweet Stamp - Classic Set - Purple Set (Uppercase, Lowercase, Numbers & Symbols)

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The Classic Set of Embossers from Sweet Stamp is a perfect starter set that includes all the letters in uppercase and lowercase, as well as numbers and symbols. The Classic set is the most versatile as the size of the letters can be used on cakes, cookies and cupcakes!


The classic stamp set from Sweet Stamp is a block font that suits multiple occasions. Finish the letters off by painting with edible art paints.


To use the Sweet Stamp Embossing Sets, they work in conjunction with the sticky pad. Whilst the sticky pad is optional, it makes the placement of your letters, it ensures that the finished product is flawless. To use, simply place your letters onto the sticky pad so they are backwards when looking at the pad. For more information on how to use the pad, please refer to the sticky pad page.



Upper & Lower Case Set - Includes 26 uppercase & 26 lower case letters (some lowercase letters are duplicated)

Number & Symbols Set - Includes 0 to 9, @, &, !, & ?.



Uppercase - 2.2cm high

Lowercase - Average size is 1.5cm high

Numbers - 2.2cm high



Use with the standard or cookie tacky pad, sold separately.



Fill in your impressions using the Sweet Stamp Brush Duo Set, sold separately. The set includes two professional brushes, in sizes #000 and #1.