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Create tropical designs on your cakes and cupcakes with the Sweet Stamp Tropical Vibes Set by Sweet Bakes. The set comes with a variety of over 24 tropical foliage and flowers, as well as a super cute pineapple, all ready to be embossed into your fondant or buttercream. The Tropical Vibes set was created in collaboration with the incredible caker, Sweet Bakes. You will create endless designs with these food safe stamps.


Set includes 10 flowers, 13 leaves, and one pineapple.


Note: There are smaller pieces that have been cut out of the pieces that are not needed. Do not panic if there are some missing when you receive your set. The score marks on the stamps is to help you align the stamp back into the holder.



1: 4.5cm wide x 6cm high

2: 3.5cm wide x 10.5cm high

3: 5cm diameter

4: 5.5cm wide x 7cm high

5: 5cm wide x 5cm high

6: 4.3cm diameter

7: 5.7cm wide x 5.2cm high

8: 5cm wide x 6cm high

9: 2.5cm wide x 7cm high

10: 3cm diameter

11: 3cm wide x 4cm high

12: 3cm wide x 6cm high

13: 5cm diameter

14: 2cm wide x 3cm high

15: 2cm wide x 5cm high

16: 2.5cm diameter

17: 2cm diameter

18: 1.5cm diameter

19: 1.5cm wide x 2.5cm high

20: 3.5cm wide x 5cm high

21: 1.7cm diameter

22: 3cm diameter

23: 2cm diameter

24: 4cm wide x 4.5cm high



We recommend using with the Sweet Stamp Pickup Pad, sold separately, or applied by hand individually. It is highly advised to use the sticky pads for this set as the designs can be quite large and delicate.



Fill in your impressions using a Sweet Stamp Brush Set, sold separately. There are two sets, the Duo Set includes two professional brushes, in sizes #000 and #1, and a set of 12 professional brushes.



Emboss your letters a little deeper and fill them in with the Sweet Stamp Perfect Pour Bottles. The 'flooding' technique, created by SweetShells, has taken the cake world by storm, speeding up the process of painting embossed words.