Dessert Making

Create patisserie worthy desserts with our range of professional grade ingredients and mixes. Whip up flavoured mousse in a matter of minutes, finish your cakes in glittery mirror glazes, or incorporate delicious freeze dried fruit into your desserts and garnishes.



Fresh As source the highest quality, ripe, and sweet fruit, then freeze them at sub-zero temperatures before putting it into a vacuum so the ice instantly turns into vapor, removing all moisture. What’s left behind is intensely flavoured crunchy fruits and delicate powders.



Petite Ingredient flowers can be enjoyed at any time of the year with their range of preserved petals. The vibrant dried petals and crystallised flowers are a beautiful and 100% natural way to decorate your cakes and cupcakes.



Create desserts that belong in a patisserie with our range of cake and pastry fillings. We stock custard and whipped cream powders, Charlotte Cake Mousse Powders, Whip n Ice and more!



Glaze your desserts in ready to use glittery mirror glazes, and garnish with touches of gold leaf!