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Cupcake Boxes

The packaging surrounding your cupcakes is just as important as the goodies inside. We have cupcake boxes to suit mini baking cups, all the way to extra large baking cups.


All cupcake boxes have the size of the hole in the description and the size of the baking cup that it suits. For a detailed list of cupcake sizes and how they relate to our sizing, have a look at the baking cups page. What we have learnt is that there is no set naming convention for baking cups. We have grouped the most common sizes together to make shopping for baking cups and cupcake boxes as easy as possible.



Mini Baking Cups which are also known as size #380 with a base of 35mm in diameter will fit in our 8 Hole Mini Cupcake Box and our 16 Hole Mini Cupcake Box.


Large Baking Cups which include sizes #530, #550 & #570 with a base of 50mm in diameter and Extra Large Baking Cups which include size #700 with a base of 55mm in diameter will fit in our many types of cupcake boxes. These include single, 2 hole, 6 hole, 12 hole and the large transporter which holds 24 cupcakes! 


All of our cupcake boxes are supplied flat for shipping purposes.