Sweet Stamp - Tacky Pad

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The Sweet Stamp Tacky Pad is the magic key to the whole Sweet Stamp system. The tacky pad is used to line up all your characters which then provides you a stable platform to emboss your letters into fondant, sugar paste, buttercream and more.


The tacky pad is actually not tacky. The acrylic shapes simply stick to the tacky pad. If you are finding that the letters aren't staying in place, a light film of water rubbed across the tacky pad will ensure the acrylic shapes "stick" to the pad. Always place the protective sheet back over the pad when you're finished with it.


The tacky pad doesn't last forever. With care, it will last a long time. If you do need to clean the tacky pad, simply wipe it down with a very light soapy water. Do not immerse the pad in water.


Note: Please ensure that you remove the protective plastic cover from the grey part of the tacky pad. Replace after use.



Large (Rectangle) - 21cm wide x 10cm high

Cookie (Round) - 7.5cm diameter