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The Sweet Stamp Pick Up Pad, is the magic key to the whole Sweet Stamp system. The pick up pad is used to line up all your characters which then provides you a stable platform to emboss your letters into fondant, sugar paste, buttercream and more.


The PickUpPad now comes in clear so you can see exactly where your letters are being embossed!


The PickUpPad is not itself sticky, the acrylic shapes simply stick, or suction, onto to the pad. If you are finding that the letters aren't staying in place, a light film of water rubbed across the PickUpPad will ensure the acrylic shapes "stick" to the pad. Always place the protective sheet back over the pad when you're finished with it.


The PickUpPad doesn't last forever. With care, it will last a long time. If you do need to clean the tacky pad, simply wipe it down with a very light soapy water. Do not immerse the pad in water.


Note: Please ensure that you remove the protective plastic cover from the PickUpPad before use. Replace after use.




The Sweet Stamp system has been designed to lightly emboss your design into fondant with the expectation that the embossed area will be painted using edible paints. It was not designed to be a replacement for fondant embossers with fixed text that can be pressed heavily into sugar paste or cookie dough. With this in mind, the PickUpPad will grip the letters allowing you to lightly emboss. If you do emboss heavily into fondant, the "stickyness" of the fondant will overcome the grip the tacky pad has on the letter.


  1. Lay out your characters on a flat surface the way you would like them to be stamped on your fondant
  2. Place the PickUpPad onto the characters and press down firmly to ensure that the tacky pad has a firm grip on the characters. 
  3. Align the PickUpPad onto your cake or fondant and gently press into the fondant
  4. Your message will now be embossed into the fondant ready for painting. The depth of embossing should be between 0.5 to 1mm. If it is embossed deeper you run the risk of letters peeling off the PickUpPad.


If you're having trouble with letters falling off the tacky pad, try some of the points below;

  • Clean the PickUpPad with warm soapy water. This can be dish washing detergent or any other food safe kitchen cleaning spray. Do not immerse the PickUpPad in water
  • The PickUpPad loses its grip if the surface of the characters are not clean. Presence of corn flour, bits of fondant or oil residue from fondant will cause them to not stick. Ensure that the surface of the characters are clean
  • The PickUpPad will only provide only so much grip. If you are pushing the letter into sugar paste that will generate more "sticking" force than the PickUpPad, it will invariably pull off the tacky pad. The PickUpPad is only gripping the top surface of the letter whereas if you push it in too deep into sticky fondant, the fondant is grabbing the letter on the surface as well as the sides. We recommend only embossing fondant between 0.5 to 1mm deep
  • Repetitive embossing will cause the PickUpPad to release the characters. We have tested 20 to 30 embosses with no characters releasing however this will vary depending on a variety of factors such as how sticky your fondant is and how deep you are embossing
  • If your fondant is sticky or too soft, allow the fondant to dry out a little prior to embossing your design



Clear Large (Rectangle) - 20cm wide x 10.5cm high

Clear Cookie (Round) - 7.8cm diameter