Loyal Easy Ties for Piping Bags - Packet of 10

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Tie your piping bags up with ease using these Loyal Easy Ties. These rubber ties make sealing the end of your piping bag a breeze, meaning no more mess squeezing out the end of your disposable piping bags or fine line piping bags! To use, simply wrap around the piping bag and hook the end onto the knob section of the easy tie. Easy ties also ensure that your buttercream does not crust over and dry within the piping bag.



  1. Twist the bag just above the top of the buttercream within the bag
  2. Wrap the easy tie around the bag and attach the loop over its anchor
  3. As the buttercream is used, slide the easy tie down the bag to maintain pressure 



Clean in warm and soapy water. Dry the ties thoroughly before first and after each use.  



10 ties per packet