Katy Sue Designs - Flower Pro - Card Plastic Size Guide, Companion Tool & Flexi Scraper

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The absolute staple of the Flower Pro collection by Katy Sue Designs! This amazing selection of tools will assist you with creating the most incredible sugar flowers, foliage and leaves in collaboration with the Katy Sue Designs range of Veiners and Silicone Moulds. 


The Plastic Size Guide is the perfect way for measuring your gum paste, fondant or other chosen medium to ensure the correct amount is used for each design. The amounts required for each design varies however by following the Flower Pro Volume 1, 2 and 3 books along with the step by step guide within your Katy Sue Designs mould or veiner, you will always get the correct amount. This guide also comes with measurements along the edge to ensure your sugar creations are made to the perfect size as required. 


The Flexi Scraper is perfect for ensuring your pastes within the moulds are level and even for that perfect consistency, this also doubles as a bowl scraper!


The Companion Tool is a doubled-ended versatile tool for creating extra details and textures to your sugar creations, the possibilities are endless!



  • Made in the UK
  • FDA compliant food grade material



Size Guide: 21.5cm tall x 14cm wide

Flexi Scraper: 5.4cm tall x 8.5cm wide

Companion Tool: 9.7cm tall x 0.3cm wide