Katy Sue Designs - Flower Pro - Ultimate Orchids Silicone Moulds & Veiner Set

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This Katy Sue Designs Ultimate Orchids Silicone Moulds & Veiner Set is the perfect addition to your caking needs. This set includes two Moulds and one Veiner with endless possibilities of creating gorgeous Orchids for your next cake. 


This mould is perfect for use with sugar paste, flower paste, gum paste, marzipan, modelling chocolate, candy, boiled sugar, polymer clay, modelling clay, cold porcelain and resin.



  • Dendrobium
  • Vanda
  • Oncidium (dancing ladies or butterfly orchid)
  • Cymbidium (boat orchid)
  • Phalaenopsis (moth orchid)



  • Made in the UK
  • FDA compliant food grade silicone



Mould 1 Size: 13.2cm wide x 19.3cm tall 

Mould 2 Size: 13.4cm wide x 17.3cm tall

Veiner Size: 6cm wide x 7cm tall



Large 3 Leaf Petal: 8.5cm wide x 8.5cm tall

Large Petals: 5cm wide x 5cm tall

Medium Curved Petals: 5.8cm tall x 3.2cm wide

Medium Straight Petal: 5.1cm tall x 3.2cm wide

Small 4 Leaf Petal: 4cm tall x 3.4cm wide

Centre with 2 Petals: 6.7cm tall x 5.2cm wide

Small Centre : 2.9cm tall x 1cm wide

Extra Large Bud: 3cm tall x 1.6cm wide

Large Bud: 2.6cm tall x 1.3cm wide

Medium Bud: 2.2cm tall x 1cm wide

Small Bud: 2cm tall x 0.8cm wide

Extra Small Bud: 2.2cm tall x 0.6cm wide 



Large Petal: 4cm wide x 4.7cm tall

Straight Petal: 2.2cm wide x 6.2cm tall

Single Curved Petals: 5.6cm tall x 1.8cm wide

Medium 3 Leaf Petal: 4.2cm tall x 4.6cm wide

Small 5 Leaf Petal: 3.8cm tall x 3.8cm wide

Small Single Petals: 2.3cm tall x 1.5cm wide

Small Fan Petal: 3cm tall x 2.7cm wide

Small Petal with Stem: 2.6cm wide x 4.4cm tall

Small Centre: 3cm tall x 1.6cm wide

Centre Large Bead: 0.4cm tall x 0.7cm wide

Centre Small Bead: 0.3cm tall x 0.5cm wide 

Large Bud: 3.8cm tall x 1.2cm wide

Large Curved Bud: 3.8cm tall x 1.1cm wide

Medium Bud: 3.8cm tall x 1cm wide

Medium Curved Bud: 3.8cm tall x 0.8cm wide 

Small Curved Bud: 3cm tall x 0.7cm wide

Straight Bud: 3.4cm tall x 0.7cm wide