Cotton Liner for Proofing Baskets

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Aside from your rattan proofing basket a cotton liner is you next most important tool when creating artisan, homemade bread. You can use it to both line the inside of your banneton, or cover the dough as it rises, giving a snugger fit than a tea towel.


Using a cotton liner on the inside of your basket will result in a smooth texture on your finished dough, for those times you don't want the coiled basket design to imprint your dough. It can also prevent strong flavoured doughs, such as herb and garlic sourdough, leaving traces of their flavour in the rattan. Best yet it helps keep your basket clean and free from flour.


To use as a liner for your basket, simply place the liner over the basket, as you can see in the photo, then gently place your dough onto the liner. 


*basket not included



Will fit on 20cm round and 24cm oval rattan baskets.