How To Get Level Cakes Every Time

25 Feb 2019


Ever wonder how other cakers churn out beautiful level cakes with no domes or cracks, time after time?

Let’s face it, baking can sometimes feel like half science, half magic, and there’s nothing worse than baking the most delicious cake only to have to cut half of it off because it domed so high.

Thankfully baking flat cakes every time is simpler than you might think, it comes down to three simple rules:



If you’re using more than one cake tin you’ll want to weigh out your batter to make sure that each tin has the same amount. This will ensure you have layers that are the same height, and bake at the same rate.



Every oven is different, so don’t always go off the temperature in the recipe! Many have hot spots, cold sides, or temperature settings that are way off from the actual temperature inside. The easiest way to avoid overheating your oven, and baking your cakes too fast, is to bake at a lower temperature. It may require more patience but it’s worth it when you pull out those perfectly level cakes.


To be sure your oven is at the right temperature why not invest in an oven thermometer? The Acurite Gourmet Oven Thermometer has a large, easy to read thermometer that can either stand on it own, or clip onto the oven shelf.


Always ensure that the oven thermometer is placed next to the food you are baking to ensure you are measuring the baking temperature of the oven.



Baking strips are a wonder. Not only to do they make your cakes come out super flat but they also slow down the cooking process on the edges of your cake, helping the batter cook evenly throughout, and avoiding those dark, crusty edges and under-baked centres.


Wilton Bake-Even Strips are ideal to help bake moist, level cakes every time with no crowns, cracked tops or crusty edges. Simply dampen the strips and wrap around the cake pan before baking. The moisture in the strips keeps the edges of the pan cooler for perfectly level and deliciously moist cakes, every time! No levelling means no wasted cake, and icing and decorating are a breeze!





Don’t go to all the effort of baking a beautifully flat cake only to slice it into wonky layers! With a quality cake leveller you can have a flat cake, and even layers too!


We recommend the Agbay Junior Single Blade Cake Leveller. The Agbay Junior is the best leveller for the home decorator who requires precise and accurate cake levelling and torting.