DIY Toppers

DIY Acrylic Toppers from Sandra Dillon Designs are an exciting concept to hit the Cake Decorating market. These imaginative acrylic toppers provide support to your cake toppers meaning faster drying times and less wasted fondant or gum paste.


DIY Cake Toppers come in varying designs and styles. All you need is some imagination, sugar paste, a few cutters and some sugar glue and you are good to go.


With some imagination, you can make a chicken, egg or even a penguin from the large oval DIY Topper. With the half circle DIY Topper you can make smiley faces, emoji's a bird and more! Simply roll your sugar paste out, attach it to the DIY cake topper with some sugar glue and you have instant support! Add some detail to the backing panel using cutters, edible paints or even dragee's in the right place and you have created your own unique cake topper. When you are finished with it, peel off the sugar paste, clean it and put away in the drawer until next time!