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Frost Form

We have sadly had to discontinue Frost Form. You can still purchase directly from Frost Form in Ireland. The price, including shipping, is very similar to what we were selling them for. Please click here to go to the Frost Form website.

Frost Forms mission is to make your life as a cake decorator as easy as possible! Being avid cakers themselves, they know the struggles and time constraints that business bakers and home bakers face every day and wanted a solution. Enter- Frost Form! 


Frost form was designed to take the time and stress out of icing a cake. The kit includes all the parts you need to trim your sides and cover your beautiful cake with buttercream or ganache to a perfect standard - in half the time it would take free hand! The sets are perfect for covering cakes in a soft ganache or jelly as they provide an exterior, stable shell for your medium until it is set! That means perfect, seamless, streak free sides every time. 


You can watch how the product works in real time here!