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Beautiful "How to" cake decorating books, on working with fondant, royal icing, gum paste, modelling paste and so much more. Learn the art of sugar flowers and creating model people and animals from sugar paste, fondant, modelling & gum pastes.


With our range of cake decorating books you will be creating and decorating your cakes like a professional in no time! Buy online and save today. On that special day make sure your creations leave a lasting impression on everyone that sees it. By using the books, ingredients and tools we sell, you will soon be able to create amazing cakes, gifts, decorations and more. If there’s something you have in mind that we don’t stock, please email us and we’ll see if we can order it in for you. We are a family business and are committed to helping and assisting fellow cake making enthusiasts follow their passion.



With two books in stock by Paddi Clark, these sugar flower decoration books are stunning hardcover books with step by step instructions on how to make beautiful sugar flower creations. The amazingly detailed photography gives you a close up look at how to make detailed and charming flower art using a range of different techniques and ingredients. If you’re making sugar flowers for cakes, sugar flowers for cupcakes or sugar flowers for wedding cakes, then these two books are for you. ‘Sugar Flowers for Beginners’ by Paddi Clark and ‘More Sugar Flowers for Beginners’ by Paddi Clark.



If you prefer working with icing to make flowers then this is the book for you – ‘Squires Kitchen Guide to Making Iced Flowers’ . Great for beginners and professionals alike, there are many tips and tricks to making individual flowers and floral arrangements.



When looking for that next slice of inspiration take a look at our range of cake decorating books. Cakes For The Boys by Helen Penman is wonderful if you have a family of boys or need cake ideas for a boys birthday party. ‘Squires Kitchen Guide to Cake Shaping’ will have you making wonderfully fun and entertaining cakes in no time. If you’ve ever tried to make a cake that’s supposed to look like an animal or number but it comes out leaving you feeling more Zero than Hero – then this is the cake book for you!



We also stock a range of interesting books about making Sugar Figures ( Squires Kitchen Guide to Making Sugar Figures Jan Clement-May ), books about making marzipan animals and figures ( Marzipan Magic - Animal Modelling Made Easy By Maisie Parrish ) and books about making sugar animals ( Squires Kitchen Guide to Making Sugar Figures ).