Airbrush Paint

Airbrush paints such as Americolor's Amerimist paints are highly concentrated, edible food colour paints that can be used to create amazingly bright colours on your sugar art. Americolor AmeriMist is an edible airbrush paint for cakes that covers even the hardest-to-colour icings, toppings and coverings. Devised to spray-and-stay, these spray colours for cakes go on bright and go on once. 


Americolor have a large range of colours from vibrant Electric colours all the way to subtle pastels. Airbrush paints being highly concentrated usually eliminates the need to spray more than once, thereby stopping the creation of moisture that can ruin your decoration process (anyone who's had water spots accumulate on an immaculate cake design will know what we’re talking about!). This spray-once approach also means the likelihood of your icing breaking down over time reduces.


If you are after a metallic finish, the sheen range of paints provide a lovely metallic undertone which gives your cake that edge you are looking for!