Loyal Bakeware - Bakers Blade with Curved Blade

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Score your loaves of bread with ease using the Bakers Blade from Loyal Bakeware. Also known in the baking industry as a Lame, it is an essential tool when baking free formed breads where a tin is not used. Scoring your bread prior to baking ensures that a weak spot is created in the crust of the bread so the bread can expand where you want it to. The Baker Blade is perfect for scoring sour dough prior to baking.


In the early days of baking bread, local bakers in villages in Europe all had their own design that they scored into their breads. This was their identity and allowed villagers to identify which baker their bread was from.


The Bakers Blade comes with a safety cover to cover the blade when the blade is not in use. Ensure you dry the blade thoroughly as it is made of steel and will rust if left wet.



Total Size - 15cm long x 2.6cm wide

Blade Size - 4cm long x 2.2cm wide