Jem Modelling Tool Set - Set of 6

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Never buy another modelling tool again once you purchase this set of 6 modelling tools from JEM. Each modelling tool is moulded as one piece. Some of the cheaper modelling tools have joins where they snap if too much pressure is applied.



The Jem Modelling Tool Set comes with the following tools (left to right) and can be used for the following;

Small Ball & Arrow Head Tool - Useful to cup petals (Small Ball) and for smoothing paste over the stem of flowers (Arrow Head)

Blunt Point & Auger Tool - For creating indents on blossom flowers (Blunt Point) and frilling petals (Auger Tool)

Bone Tool - Essential tools for modelling, shaping and thinning petals and leaves

Dresden Tool - Perfect for creating frills and marking veins on leaves

Cone & Double Veiner Tool - Versatile tool to form trumpets and veining on flower petals and leaves

Large Ball & Shell Tool - Ideal for thinning and cupping large petals (Large Ball) and to pattern the edge of a cake board (Shell Tool)



Small Ball & Arrow Head Tool - 15cm long. Ball is 5mm in diameter

Blunt Point & Auger Tool - 14cm long. Blunt point it 2mm in diameter

Bone Tool - 13.6cm long. Small end is 6mm in diameter and the large end is 7mm in diameter

Dresden Tool - 15cm long

Cone & Double Veiner Tool - 15cm long. Cone diameter is 1.6cm in diameter at the widest point

Large Ball & Shell Tool - 14.8cm long. Large ball is 1.6cm in diameter. Shell tool is 1.7cm wide at the widest point



Wash with warm soapy water