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Our little Pot o' Golds contain two sheets of edible pure gold leaf that easily flakes away from the tub into little pieces when touched with your tweezers or brush. They are ideal to be used as a decoration to your cake to add some sparkle, or a touch of glamour to your masterpiece.


Our edible gold leaf flakes include two sheets of loose leaf gold leaf. These gold leaf tubs are perfect if you need a small amount to garnish a desert or simply to add splashes of colour onto your next cake.


The gold leaf colour is somewhat difficult to photograph. Below is a description of the colour you can expect from the gold leaf. Remember, the colour will be determined by the surrounds. As gold does not reflect light, the less gold within the sheet, the shinier it becomes.


21 Karat - Champagne Gold (less yellow)

23 Karat - Light Gold

24 Karat - Antique Gold


It is recommended that cotton gloves are used so the gold leaf does not tarnish



The Gold Leaf flakes were originally 80 x 80mm squares which have been placed in the tub. 



There are two sheets per plastic tub. Please note that they cannot be unfolded and cannot be used as a flat sheet.