Gold Leaf | 23 Karat | Pack of 5

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Edible pure gold leaf (23 karat) is ideal to be used as a decoration to your cake to add some sparkle, or a touch of glamour to your masterpiece. Our edible gold leaf sheets are available as Transfer sheets or Loose Leaf.


23 Karat Gold Leaf is shinier than 24 Karat Gold Leaf. As gold does not reflect light, the less gold within the sheet, the shinier it becomes. If you are after a shiny gold finish, this is the sheet for you


It is recommended that cotton gloves are used so the gold leaf does not tarnish



The Gold Leaf comes as a booklet of 25 which are 80 x 80 mm (3.15 x 3.15 inches) in size. 



Available in packs of 5



Loose leaf or Transfer Sheets

Both loose leaf and transfer leaf come in sheets, the difference is that a loose leaf sheet of gold sits loosely between the sheets of the book, whereas transfer leaf will stay on the paper until you go to apply it to another surface.