Flat Tip Dusting Brushes

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Looking to add some sparkle or contrasting dusts on fondant? These flat tip, high quality dusting brushes are perfect for applying dust such as petal and lustre dust over large areas of cake as the bristles are flatter and wider. 


Also use these brushes as a quick way to paint your tier using edible art paints, or Rolkem dusts mixed with Quick Dry Essence.



Size 0 - 3mm wide x 27.5cm long

Size 1 - 4mm wide x 28cm long

Size 4 - 6mm wide x 28.5cm long

Size 6 - 7mm wide x 29cm long

Size 8 - 8mm wide x 30.5cm long

Size 10 - 9mm wide x 30.5cm long

Size 12 - 11mm wide x 30.5cm long

Size 14 - 12mm wide x 31.5cm long

Size 16 - 13mm wide x 32cm long

Size 18 - 16mm wide x 32.5cm long

Size 20 - 18mm wide x 33.5cm long



When cleaning the brush, ensure that the bristles are straightened to dry. This will ensure that the fine point remains in excellent condition.