Feathers & Wings Silicone Mould - 14 in 1 Mould

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Create a variety of wings and feathers with this Feathers and Wings Silicone Mould. Each feather and wing has intricate details within the silicone which ensures that the finished design will have a unique finish to them. Dust with some Mother of Pearl lustre dust to add some shimmer to your design.



Mould Size - 11.8cm wide x 9.8cm high


Top Left Feather - 4cm wide x 1.4cm high

Left Middle Feather - 0.8cm wide x 4.2cm high

Left Bottom Wing - 2.1cm wide x 1cm high

Left Bottom Feather - 3.2cm wide x 1cm high

Large Left Feather - 3.2cm wide x 5cm high

Large Middle Feather - 2.5cm wide x 6.3cm high

Tiny Wing Below Large Middle Feather - 0.4cm wide x 1.6cm high

Top Right Wing - 4.5cm wide x 1.3cm high

Right Top Feather - 0.8cm wide x 2.3cm high

Right Wing (near top) - 3.5cm wide x 2cm high

Right Feather (3rd from right) - 1cm wide x 3.3cm high

Right Feather (2nd from right) - 0.7cm wide x 2.1cm high

Right Feather (1st from right) - 0.9cm wide x 4.1cm high

Heart with wings - 3.1cm wide x 2.3cm high