Shoe Bakery

Shoe Bakery tote bags, bowler bags, wristlets and wallets are the most sought after fashion accessory for the savvy cake decorator and lover of all things food! Shoe Bakery hand bags are all quality bags direct from Florida, United States.


All of our Shoe Bakery stock are genuine Shoe Bakery bags with the standard gold plated Shoe Bakery logo on the side of the bag as well as Shoe Bakery embossed into the material inside the bags. Their wallets and wristlets also include the gold Shoe Bakery logo as well as the printed logo inside the wallets.



The waffle cone collection of Shoe Bakery Totes, Bowler Bags and Wristlet wallets have been inspired by the love of Waffles and waffle cone ice cream! Each bag and wallet have a 3D waffle design on the outside of the bag with a lovely pink or magenta lining within the bag or wallet. Some also have a sprinkle pattern within the bag.


The Waffle collection is a must have Shoe Bakery Collection!



The Icing Wallet Collection is a new design that is inspired by those who love piping on all things cake and cupcakes! The icing stud wallet is a black wallet with perfectly piped dots all the way around the walled finished in gold. 



Keep an eye on this page as we will have more Shoe Bakery Designs coming as they become available!