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Cookie And Fondant Embossers

Welcome to all things Cookie and Fondant Embossers & Debossers!


Here at Lollipop Cake Supplies we have a large range of Embossers & Debossers to help transform your cakes and cookies with beautiful words, patterns, symbols and much, much MORE! Emboss or Deboss, what ever your style may be with these incredible designs sure to impress your friends and families on their special day!



We are glad you asked! You may be a little unsure what the difference is between an Embosser and a Debosser really is and which one you should be choosing. To start with, you don't need to be choosing between one or another, you can mix and match your cookie sets with both types of designs, the only limit is your imagination!


Embossers will stamp your chosen design into your fondant and will leave a beautifully imprinted message or image, ready to be placed onto your cookie. Debossers will stamp the design onto your fondant however instead of it imprinting it will pop the message and image out of the fondant! You could also add some edible paints or lustre dusts to your Embossers and Debosser designs to give it the extra wow factor!


It's as simple as it sounds, anyone from the beginner baker to the expert cookie decorator can master the use Embossers and Debossers. So what are you waiting for? Take your cookies to the next level with our large range of Embossers & Debossers!



With brands like Sweet Stamp & Custom Cookie Cutters, you can be sure you are purchasing a high-quality product that will emboss beautifully into your cookie dough or fondant. 



Using a matching cookie cutter and embosser/debosser set means you'll create the perfect cookies every time! Simply cut out your cookie dough with the cutter, use the same cutter to cut out your fondant, then add that final touch with a matching embosser/debosser designed to fit perfectly!



Make sure you have the tools you need to perfect your embossed cookies and fondant. We have tools to help you apply your embossing, add texture, and paint it in!