Cake Lace Mixes

Cake Lace is by far the most simple to use cake lace mix we have come across. Within 20 minutes of mixing the Cake Lace, a finished product can be placed on your cake or cupcakes. It is a versatile product which can be used for lace, or for 3D objects.



Cake Lace very affordable when you consider the coverage of the product. The coverage will depend on how much product is wasted when applying it to the mat. Any excess can simply be scraped up and reused. If too much product is mixed, remember that cake lace can be stored for many months provided the cake lace is placed in between layers of baking paper and stored in a cool, dark area such as a cake box.

200g tub - 8 to 10 large mats & 15 to 20 small mats


Cake Lace can be used on Cake Lace Mats by Clare Bowman or on generic cake lace mats.



Cake Lace is extremely versatile. The mixes can have colour added to them. It is recommended that soft gel paste is used to add the desired colour. Americolor soft gel paste is suitable. You do not need to reduce the amount of liquid in the cake lace mix when adding colour.


If Airbrushing is your thing, Cake Lace can be airbrushed prior to being placed on the cake, or after being applied to the cake. Edible Glitter can also be added to the mix to provide a sparkly finish! 



The standard cake lace product involves mixing a part A and a part B (both supplied in the one tub) as per the manufacturers instructions. Once mixed it is recommended that it is used as soon as possible, however it can be stored for several days if required. Once the mix has been baked or set in the silicone mat, the standard cake lace will remain very flexible for many months. 


Cake Lace comes in 200g tubs. The white cake lace mix can be coloured to your liking. It is also available in red and black as to mix these colours would involve a significant amount of colouring which will detract from the pleasant taste of Cake Lace. 



Cake Lace also comes in three pre mixed colours in 200g tubs. They are Pearlised White, Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold. These products provide a beautiful finish which cant be compared with other brands. Pre Mixed cake lace dries firmer than standard cake lace which helps create 3D objects such as the 3D beautiful butterflies. Once the Pre Mixed cake lace has been cooked or set, it can be moulded into position.



Cake Lace can be attached to your cake by brushing a tiny amount of water onto your fondant. Gently apply the Cake Lace onto the area that has been wet. Sugar glue can also be used to attach 3D objects to cakes.



Watch this informative YouTube video from Claire Bowman.