Vintage Art Decor Silicone Mould - Keyholes

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Create an array of different designed keyholes with this quality Keyhole Silicone Mould by Vintage Art Decor. With 12 different Keyhole designs, this silicone mould can be used for different cake projects.


This mould works well with all sugar pastes including fondant, gum paste & flower paste.


SIZES (L to R):

Top Row: 2.9cm wide x 4.4cm high, 3.3cm wide x 5.3cm high, 4.7cm wide x 6.8cm high

2nd Row: 3cm wide x 4.7cm high, 1.8cm wide x 7.1cm high, 2.7cm wide x 6.5cm high, 2.5cm wide x 4.9cm high

3rd Row: 3.4cm wide x 3.8cm high, 8.2cm wide x 3cm high

4th Row: 8.2cm wide x 2.5cm high, 3.3cm wide x 2.7cm high

Bottom Row: 11.3cm wide x 2.6cm high


Mould Size: 12.7cm wide x 20.3cm high