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Celebrate Summer with embossers of all your favourite fruits thanks to this Tutti Frutti Sweet Stamp Elements Set. Includes a banana, a watermelon wedge, a citrus segment, a round citrus slice, a lemon, an apple, cherries, and a strawberry!


Simply press lightly into your fondant, and paint in the impression, to create stunning patterns and designs on your cake.  


Note: Please note other products in images are not included with this product.



Banana: 3.7cm wide x 5.1cm high

Watermelon: 5.2cm wide x 2.7cm high

Citrus Segment: 5.2cm wide x 2.7cm high

Citrus Slice - Round: 4.4cm diameter

Lemon: 3cm wide x 4.9cm high

Apple: 3.7cm wide x 4.4cm high

Strawberry: 3.5cm wide x 5.3cm high

Cherries: 4.3cm wide x 4cm high



Can be used with the Sweet Stamp Pickup Pad, sold separately, or applied by hand individually. 



Fill in your impressions using a Sweet Stamp Brush Set, sold separately. There are two sets, the Duo Set includes two professional brushes, in sizes #000 and #1, and a set of 12 professional brushes.



Emboss your letters a little deeper and fill them in with the Sweet Stamp Perfect Pour Bottles. The 'flooding' technique, created by SweetShells, has taken the cake world by storm, speeding up the process of painting embossed words.